Angels Way Retreat

How do you turn tragedy intro triumph? You might want to ask Phyllis Dragus. She's had to do it more than once.

The first thing you notice about Phyllis is just how glad she is to see you, even if you happen to be a total stranger. She cordially invites you into her home, which is also one of her businesses, the Bear Creek Bed and Breakfast in Luther, Oklahoma.

The second thing you notice about Phyllis is the amazing love affair she has with life, an attitude that's even more admirable, considering the tragedy, pain and loss she's had to overcome. Phyllis' stepson, Jonathan Dragus, was the police officer killed almost two years ago near Penn Square during a high speed chase.

"Jonathan and I were very close," said Phyllis. "Now that he is gone, I think of him as my special angel. His death has inspired his father and me to open our bed and breakfast up to other families of fallen heroes like Jonathan. We're even changing the name to ‘Angels Way' in his honor. We provide a free two to three day retreat, where police officers' surviving loved ones can mourn in private, in a place surrounded by nature and harmony. We've learned first hand how important that is to the healing process."

In addition to caring for her guests' needs, Phyllis also will be close at hand to provide counseling to the grieving families, doing what she does best-offering hope, understanding and inspiration at a time when there seems so little for which to live. It's a feeling that Phyllis remembers all too well.

In a fit of rage, her husband broke Phyllis' fingers, hoping to end her joy of sewing. The