Align Interventional Pain

Dr. Morgan Pollard

People with chronic pain have more treatment choices today than ever before. Dr. Morgan Pollard grew up in Oklahoma and returned home after completing medical training at the Mayo Clinic. She opened her practice, Align Interventional Pain, in 2020 and is committed to helping each patient find ways to manage pain.

New, Minimally Invasive Treatments
“The beauty of this field is that it’s rapidly progressing,” says Dr. Pollard. In years past there have been little options between medications for pain and surgery. Now that gap is narrowing.

Some patients can now avoid or delay surgery with procedures. Examples include spinal spacers, nerve stimulators, and SI joint fusions which require minimal anesthesia and are outpatient procedures. 

“New treatments have come out to help patients who didn’t previously have many options,” says Dr. Pollard.

An Integrated Approach
“When patients say they don’t want medication, they’re surprised when I tell them they’re in the right place!” says Dr. Pollard. She believes medications have their place, but she focuses on other, non-pharmaceutical interventions.

For most people, pain management isn’t a quick fix. “Patients with degenerated spines may have pain coming from more than one problem or abnormality, and while I can’t restore the spine to the one the patient was born with, I can help identify the cause of pain and target it as simply as possible.” Dr. Pollard works closely with other specialists and clinics to find solutions that are customized for every patient.

If you have questions about interventional pain management, Dr. Pollard invites you to attend her free, informational webinar on June 10th from 6 – 7pm. You can register at

Dr. Pollard accepts Medicare and most insurance. New patients are always welcome.

Align Interventional Pain is located at 501 E. 15th St., Ste 300 A, Edmond and online at Contact Dr. Pollard at 405-906-4020.

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