A&E: For the Fallen

With a melodic hard rock sound and a vocal-centric aesthetic, For the Fallen channels legends like Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle, while maintaining a style that is distinctively their own.

“We have pretty heavy riffs and breakdowns, but with words you can understand, which is hard to find nowadays,” said bassist Nate Adams, a UCO graduate.

Formed in 2006, the local four-piece has made an impression on audiences and repeatedly wowed battle of the bands judges. They’ve made it into 94.7 The Buzz’s March Bandness, placed third at Shawnee’s Sac and Fox Casino competition last year and rose to the Sweet 16 in this year’s 100.5 The KATT’s Band Beatdown.

For the Fallen has also enjoyed continued radio play on the KATT since the concert. “It’s a really good feeling when people call to tell you they heard your song on the radio,” said singer Tyler Corr, Edmond resident and UCO graduate.

In addition to Corr and Adams, members of the band include guitarist Nic Ysiano and drummer Joe Cantrell, also an Edmond resident.

Ysiano is originally from California. He traces his own musical interest back to his late father who was a musician. He started off with the cello, moved to bass and finally to the guitar, which became his focus.
Cantrell was born in Anadarko and has been drumming since a very young age.

For the Fallen began with only three members – a rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. Corr joined to take on vocals. Adams and Ysiano joined as other members cycled out. “That’s where we are today, and we don’t plan on changing anything,” Corr says.

Off the stage, Corr has a great interest in adventure and the outdoors. Originally from Chickasha, he fronts the band with a strong voice and high energy.

Adams grew up in Stillwell before moving to Edmond. He has been playing bass guitar since eighth grade and dabbles in a variety of other instruments, including the ukulele.

The band partially recorded a six-track extended play (EP) in 2009, but due to lineup changes, they started over from scratch. They hope the debut album, Until the Lost Becomes Found, will be released by the end of the summer. The CD will feature old tracks recorded with the new roster, as well as brand new songs written collaboratively by the foursome.

“We are currently writing new material and we hope to get into the studio as soon as possible,” Cantrell says.

“Lyrically, we cover a lot of bases, but overall, our songs have a pretty positive meaning,” said Adams. “Some are about overcoming obstacles and dealing with hurt. Others are about just doing your own thing no matter what. There is a lot of feeling behind our words with how Tyler sings them, and I think that’s what people enjoy about our music.”

“Most of the songs come from past experiences,” Corr says. “We like to sing about stuff that people can relate to. We’re tired of hearing bands you can’t understand the lyrics to.”

While the band works on the CD, they will continue to do what they love most. “We just love playing rock music and writing music that others can relate to and enjoy,” Adams says. “We’ll pretty much play anywhere because we love to do it and get our music out there.”

“There aren’t really any words to express how it feels to be on stage, performing for people, and to see them enjoying your music,” Corr says. “Hard work goes into everything, and support from fans really helps.”

Relatable, meaningful lyrics drive For the Fallen, as they strive to write songs that not only entertain, but convey something important. They’re a pure rock band that loves the songs they play, and hope listeners take something away from the experience.

To learn more about For the Fallen or hear their music, visit www.myspace.com/forthefallenrocks

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