A World of Love

Louise Tucker Jones Vintage Photo

My son, Jay was born with Down syndrome over 40 years ago. Doctors were quick to point out all he would never be able to do in his “probably short” lifetime. But thankfully, Jay exceeded those boundaries and is one of the most loving persons you could ever meet.

When he was young, Jay attended a small, private Montessori program with a handful of other students with Down syndrome. The kids in that classroom were like family in spite of different abilities and ethnicities. Jay has a severe speech articulation disorder, which makes it difficult for others to understand him. However, Jay’s best friend, Jarvis, a young black student, always understood him and translated his needs to teachers and others. Jarvis was also a little older and very protective of Jay. 

Cookie, another classmate, came to Oklahoma from Ecuador. She quickly became bi-lingual in spite of therapists telling her family she would never be able to learn two languages, speaking Spanish at home and English at school. Her mom and I enjoyed chatting in Spanish occasionally to keep up my skills since I was no longer teaching the language in school.

During Special Olympics, we parents all sat together for the parade of athletes and cheered for our young ones as they marched onto the field. There were no black, white or ethnic issues. We were family! We loved each other’s kids and would take care of them at a moment’s notice. When Jay was in Cub Scouts he had a friend with Cerebral Palsy but never gave Jarod’s wheelchair a second thought. 

Jay and his friends are what the world needs to be. Loving, accepting and non- judgmental. I believe God made every individual perfect. Maybe not perfect in your sight but perfect in His. My son is more like Jesus than anyone I know. He doesn’t know how to hate. He never looks at race, color or disabilities. He just loves everyone.

I have learned so much about faith, love and acceptance from Jay. I am truly blessed to be his mother! 

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