A New Reason to Smile and Talking It Up

Bright Smile Family Dentistry

At Bright Smile Family Dentistry, you can rest assured you will receive professional dental services for your entire family. They take pride in state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry to make you look and feel your best. Invisalign, immediate crowns and bridges, and tooth color restorations are just a few of the services provided by Bright Smiles.

Recently, Dr. Eli Jarjoura and his wife, Dr. Julie Speights, owners of Bright Smiles Dentistry, discovered they had a problem, albeit a good one. “Our place of business was too small. Eleven years ago, when we opened, the place was too big. Now, we have more patients to care for and our beautiful city of Edmond is growing in a wonderful way and we need to keep up. We needed a bigger and prettier place,” Eli said.

Their new location at 3225 Teakwood Lane recently opened and there are still familiar faces. “Some of our current patients are some of the same patients that came to our original grand opening, eleven years ago,” Eli said.

Both are graduates of Oklahoma University, and long ago, both learned life would be spent on call. “Sometimes there are emergencies, sometimes people have withstood all the pain they can tolerate. Whatever the reason, we get many calls at 2:00 a.m. Some nights there will be three or four calls,” he said.

Not to worry, Bright Smiles has four doctors on call, ready to help with your emergency no matter the time of day. This is truly the definition of 24-hour emergency dental. In July, Bright Smiles will be open for 24 hrs., at least 3 to 4 nights a week.

Now here is something most of us have heard all of our lives, and there is no way around it; it's true. “You need to brush at least twice a day; three is better,” Julie said. “Also, you need to floss each day. This is very important. However, most importantly, you need to come in every six months for your cleaning, to make sure that the areas that you cannot thoroughly clean by brushing and flossing are getting cleaned.”

Another topic addressed by Bright Smiles is perhaps the most common reason for not making regular visits to a dentist. “Fear,” Eli said. “What we like to do is thoroughly explain all of the procedures we will be performing. We have found that positive reinforcement is the best way to overcome any factors.” To help eliminate the fear, in-office general anesthesia is provided as an additional tool to overcome the last obstacle.

When the couple is not taking care of dentistry needs, they are busy raising four daughters. “It can be a full-time job away from our full-time job,” Eli said. “Thank goodness for the great work Mom does.”

Contact Bright Smiles Family Dentistry today for a relaxing way to take care of your dentistry needs. Call 844-8887 for your appointment today.

Yakety Yak Wireless

Does the cell-phone purchasing process feel more like a cattle drive and less like a personalized experience where customers are carefully matched with the phone and plan that best suits them? Yakety Yak Wireless would like to ease the stress of finding that perfect mobile phone – a device that is becoming increasingly vital for convenient communication.

“Our focus is customer service. People have a really negative view of the cell-phone industry. Everyone’s been burned by a carrier or had some kind of horror story,” said Samantha Bentson, owner of the Yakety Yak Edmond location at 327 S. Blackwelder Avenue, just west of the Super Target at 2nd Street and Bryant Avenue.

Bentson, an Edmond native, said that since the location opened in November, feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, and people have been glad to see a fresh, friendly alternative in the cell-phone industry.

Yakety Yak really stresses the customer service aspect, because Bentson feels that is what’s missing in traditional corporate wireless stores.

“I think most people are used to going in and signing a clipboard and having to wait, and they don’t get a personalized experience. We truly want to find out what’s best for the customer,” Bentson said. “We will spend time with them and help them learn their phone … we truly want to find out the features they need, the plan that fits them best and what will keep them happy.”

Community involvement is also a focus of Yakety Yak. Since the store opened in November, they’ve donated to Edmond High School programs and sponsored a UCO hockey game and a water stop at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Plus, UCO faculty and staff receive a ten percent discount.

Yakety Yak encourages customers to bring in their old mobile phones for the “Yak Swap” program, which awards store credit toward new purchases. If the old phones have lost their value, Yakety Yak will gladly recycle them.

The Edmond Yakety Yak location is currently limited to T-Mobile and Alltel Wireless services, but they sell accessories, like chargers, for all carriers. It’s one of only two Yakety Yak franchises in Oklahoma; the other is located in Enid.

Bentson doesn’t own the Enid location, but she owns rights to the remainder of the state and hopes to have five locations with expanded options in Oklahoma by the end of the year.

For more information, call (405) 330-CELL (2355) or visit www.yakitup.com.

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