A Higher Form of Forensics

Jeff Jones is a dapper man dressed in pressed blue jeans, a paisley vest and a dark blazer. His light hair is brushed back, and he has an easy, wide and white smile as he speaks about death, trauma and, ultimately, compassion.

Jeff, who owns Bio-Sheen Bio-Forensic Restoration Services with his wife Lori, has seen the aftermath of countless traumatic scenes. He and his wife don their protective “moon suits” to enter a home where a life was lost, but before using their unique talents to remove the blood or remains, they pause to pray. They pray for the victims, the families and themselves. Since both are Native American, they believing in burning a bit of sage to help cleanse the negative energy. And then they get to work.

Jeff & Lori JonesJeff and Lori are certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialists, or as the public would say, crime scene cleaners. Not every scene is a traumatic death. They also clean hoarder houses, unsanitary dwellings, as well as medical events—like an accidental fall that results in blood loss or deaths by infectious disease.

When a person dies in a dwelling, the police or EMTs are not the ones who remove the blood or evidence of death. Oftentimes, families in the grip of grief are faced with that heartbreaking task, and that’s where Bio-Sheen Services of Oklahoma City steps in.

“We’ve had people who can’t afford a clean-up company, but we have never turned anyone away,” said Jones. “Families shouldn’t have to suffer more than they have because they can’t pay. Our job helps people. We are the calm after the storm. We help them move forward.”

Although many may view bio-forensic restoration as a morbid career, the Joneses see it as a noble one—one that gives peace of mind to grieving families by removing the physical reminders of loss.

Cleaning is a Family Tradition

Jeff’s parents, Jovie and Jay, began a carpet-cleaning business in Oklahoma City in 1966, and in 1969, started Sani-Sheen. Jeff’s father specialized in carpet restoration and water and fire damage restoration, but in 1979, one call changed the business forever.

“A guy in my dad’s Sunday School class had a son who died in a suicide, and he called my dad to see if he could help,” said Jeff. “All my dad knew was that someone needed help, and that it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

No one in the city offered a cleaning service for traumatic events, and word soon spread that Sani-Sheen was available. Although Jeff’s father never advertised or talked about that aspect of his business, bio-forensic restoration became a high-demand service. Jeff was 13 years old when he first accompanied his father on a job.

“It was a self-cessation—we don’t use the term ‘suicide,’” Jeff said. “My dad walked me through what I could expect, and he was a very calm, soothing and relaxed man when he did these jobs.”

After serving in the Army in counter-terrorism and attending the FBI Academy, Jeff returned to Oklahoma City and joined his father in the cleaning business. He met his wife, Lori, through an India Shrine dance, and the two bonded over their fascination with forensics.

They married in 2010, and together they became Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialists. That same year, Bio-Sheen was born.

A Tough Job

Jeff & Lori JonesDealing with the aftermath of a traumatic death can wear on anyone’s spirit, even those who make a career out of it. For Jeff and Lori, preparation, expectation and faith give them the strength to help families.

“You don’t look at what remains as human. This is something that has been left behind that needs to be cleaned up. The spirit has moved on,” Lori said. “After every job, we are able to talk to each other about it and debrief.”

Spirituality plays an important role in Bio-Sheen. Every job comes with prayer. Every job comes with compassion. “The Navajo are all about living in balance,” Jeff said. “To live in balance is to live a beautiful life. When a call comes in, our job is to restore balance. Lori and I spent so much time with the Navajo, that it changed how we do business.”

Praying and burning sage at job sites helps not only the Joneses but the families as well. They have walked into places heavy with bad energy and left it lighter and restored. When all is done and the family sees the result, we see relief and gratitude on their faces,” said Lori. “We get letters and hugs.”

For Bio-Sheen, the job of cleaning up after the loss of a life is one of care, compassion and concern. “Everyone is on the same page during the job,” said Jeff. “I’m a reflection of my father and how he acted. My employees are a reflection of me. If you don’t have care, compassion or concern, this isn’t the job for you. We are here to help. There is no higher purpose than service to others.”

To learn more about Bio-Sheen Bio-Forensic Restoration Services, visit their website at www.deathscenecleanupoklahoma.com.

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