60 Seconds to Escape

The door clicks shut. We are locked in—and our only way out is to find and solve the clues that will reveal the door-lock combination. For an instant, the four of us stare at each other. Where to start? Then, we begin to madly dash around the room, hunting for clues. 59 minutes to go.

Jonathan Cox, Creative Director of Escape OKCSound like the type of mystery you’d enjoy solving? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that Oklahoma City offers a new venue where you can try your hand at sleuthing in person. The Escape OKC is a live-action escape challenge–the kind with lots of clues, symbols and puzzles to solve. You and up to five team members enter a room full of clues, play Sherlock Homes, and escape—all in one hour.

“It’s a unique experience where you can have fun and stretch your mind with a group of friends,” explained Jonathan Cox, Creative Director.

“I found something!” shouts Jordan Long and Erica Buckwalter simultaneously. “Me, too!” says Anna Hintz. These are the three teammates who share the locked space with me. Each holds pieces of paper in varying sizes, handwritten clues that will reveal the first snippets of i