6 Easy DIY Tips To Refresh Your Home

Outside, the world is saying it’s time for renewal. The dead is coming back to life, the coolness is giving way to warmth, and every gray thing is turning vivid again. Inside, however, your home may still feel like winter. Is it time for an interior Spring?  We sat down with the experts in design and organization to give us some quick and easy tips on how to bring Spring indoors without costing you a season of savings:

Gia Rose

By Gia Rose, Designer’s Market

Interior designer & showroom manager


Most Oklahomans have familiar pieces, like their grand mother’s armor or rocking chair, they want to keep, but they still want a modern style to their home. To do this is all about balance. And Oklahomans do this so well. By adding a few nontraditional or modern elements with your traditional, you’ve updated your space. It can be that simple. Here’s where to start:

1  Your inspirational art piece

Pick one central, inspirational piece. It can refresh your space and serve as a guide for all other design decisions in the future. To know which piece is right for you is about falling in love. Find a piece you love looking at everyday. Also, make sure the piece has elements that tie into other elements in your space, such as a red color, certain form, or a metallic frame that coordinates with the other gold pieces in your space.

2  Add a rug for texture, color, or both

In everything in life, you need a staple element and that’s your rug. It anchors your space. If you’ve chosen an abstract piece of art for your space, use a geometric patterned rug. Get the colors working together and you’ve got instant coordination.

3  Accessories tie it all together

An easy way to freshen up space is to change out pillows, lamps, and accessories on your coffee table. These are quick updates that make a huge impact. The easiest way to create a welcoming, light, and airy feel is to stay with items that have simple lines and can be seen through, such as glass.

Dan MacKay

By Dan MacKay, Tailored Living of Edmond



Clutter creates stress, mental fatigue, and disorganization. To really air out your space, you’ve got to organize or remove anything creating chaos. Here are three steps to help get you organized:

1  Everything must have a place

The underlying key to organization is that everything has to have a place and everything belongs in its place. If you don’t have a place for something, it ends up on the table, in the garage, or stuck in a corner. You need to create a place for it or assess whether or not you need to keep it.

2  Sort, shed, or store

Sort your items. Find out what you want to keep and what to get rid of. When you’ve decided what you want to store, consider if the items have a place. If not, you need to create a place or consider putting it back into the shed pile.

3  Assess your storage areas

Once you’ve determined what you want to store, take inventory of your storage areas, such as the pantry, garage, laundry room, and closets. Purchasing additional storage bins, drawers, or other organizational pieces can help you create and maintain an organizational system using the space you have available. 

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