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1 percent cars

It’s likely you have seen them around town, at Pops, or at a Cars & Coffee event. These exotic, limited-production cars are generally low slung with fat tires and have beautiful hand-built engines that produce amazing horsepower and unique exhaust notes. Oh, and they cost quite a bit – most of them more than the average home in Edmond.

Why is the group called 1 Percent?

1 Percent was established in 2009 by a small group of automotive enthusiasts. “One Percent” doesn’t imply elitism. Not everyone truly appreciates the automobile as more than basic transportation, we’re the 1% that do.

How does one become a 1 Percenter?

Access is granted on an individual basis to trusted persons. It is by invite only and usually initiated at car events.

What cars do we have assembled here today?

We have 2 McLaren 720S (Twin Turbo V8, rated at 720HP), Audi R8 (610HP V10), Mustang Shelby GT500 (760HP), Lamborghini Gallardo (530HP V10) and a 991 GT3RS (500hp Flat 6)

Are there 1 Percent events?

1 Percent has a private annual cookout open to members and their families, and we also host a public meet the 3rd Thursday of every month.

What’s great about owning an exotic car?

It’s hard to explain in words the passion we hold for these cars, it’s certainly not rational. It’s fun getting to share these cars with others that share the same passion. We play an integral part of Redline4Kids. We will go to the children’s hospital and put the cars on display for the patients to walk around, sit in, and sometimes go for a ride.

What’s not great about the experience?

The cars are low, and you have to be more aware of speed bumps, parking curbs, etc. As long as they aren’t your primary vehicle, the downsides are minimal.

What kind of speed are these cars capable of?

Most of the cars have top speeds over 200mph.

Where can you take cars like these for service?

Many of the cars are still under factory warranty, so they’ll go to their respective dealers. For the highly modified cars or cars outside of warranty, Edmond Motorwerks on Kelly and 33rd is our service provider of choice

Do you run errands in these cars or are they weekend only cars?

Our group is a bit different. We’ll drive them in the rain, sleet, snow or sunshine. It doesn’t mean we always do. They are by no means weekend only.

Do these exotics appreciate in value? Do you consider them an investment?

Some do, some don’t. Like any car, the newer you get, the higher your chance of losing money.

What would be a good “beginner” exotic car?

Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Audi R8, Aston Martin Vantage, Bentley Continental GT, Maserati Gran Turismo, Mclaren MP4-12c

Any advice for someone looking to buy their first exotic car?

Don’t buy cheap. Buy from a reputable dealer. Always have a pre-purchase inspection done. Lean more toward buying cars with all the service records. One and two owner cars seem to be better cars. Remember, a lot of these cars are hand built, so they can have some inconsistencies. One car of the same year and model might be better than another car that’s the same year and model. 

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